14 June 2010

Nailed Again: IDF Description of Suspicious Photo It Distributed Is Retracted

Update: The subject of the photo has been identified. Reader el_sirio writes: "The guy in the picture is Yemeni lawmaker Mohammad al-Hazmi, showing his ceremonial dagger (known in Yemen as Jambiya), which is carried by every single man in Yemen and is an essential part of the traditional Yemeni dress. Al-Hazmi was detained by the Israelis along with 2 other Yemeni MPs who were on the flotilla. One of them told Yemeni newspapers that the picture was taken long before the Mavi Marmara was attacked by the Israelis. Al-Hazmi was showing off his ceremonial dagger to curious journalists and foreigners on the ship. In this link [Arabic] MP Hazza al-Maswari says that at the time of the Israeli attack, al-Hazmi did not have his Jambiya on him."

On May 31, the IDF Spokesman's Office distributed a photo of a bearded Muslim man with a knife surrounded by reporters. Daylight was pouring in from a window or door behind the reporters. Offered without context or explanation, the photo played up a classic Orientalist stereotype of violent, fanatical, and even suicidal Muslims determined to kill Jews. It was included in an article based on testimony from anonymous commandos with the following title: "Israeli Navy Commandos: Gaza flotilla activists tried to lynch us."

The IDF apparently told Haaretz that the photo was taken immediately after its Naval commandos raided the Mavi Marmara and other flotilla ships - at least, that's how Haaretz described the photo based on an IDF source. Yet the raid was conducted under the cover of darkness. How could a photo obviously taken during daytime have portrayed an event that took place during the late evening? Do Muslims have magical powers that allow them to turn night into day? And why were reporters standing around, casually taking photos when commandos were supposedly getting "lynched?" Once again, the IDF's story was highly suspect.

The original IDF-sourced caption "holding a knife after" commandos boarded is below:

The original Haaretz caption claims the photo was taken after the Navy commandos raided the Marmara
The original Haaretz caption claims the photo was taken after the Navy commandos raided the Marmara

I called the IDF Spokesman's Office to inquire about the photo. Why did the IDF claim the photo depicted an event that took place after the commandos raided the flotilla when it was clearly taken during the daytime? I asked.

After I questioned the IDF's claim of the photo's timing, Haaretz quietly changed the caption, removing language about the photo being taken after the raid

Spokesman Sgt. Chen Arad told me he did not know whether the photo was taken before or after the commandos landed on the Mavi Marmara. "It could be that the claim was made by commandos in the interview," he maintained. I reminded him that Haaretz's source for the photo was not the commandos, but the IDF Spokesman's Office. After confirming that his office released the photo, Arad said, "It is reasonable that it was before the actual takeover but I'm not sure what was claimed with Haaretz."

Soon after I spoke with Arad on June 8, Haaretz scrubbed its caption of the suspicious photo, removing the phrase, "holding a knife after Israeli commandos boarded their ship." However, Haaretz did not mention the retraction, probably assuming no one would notice. The retraction raises disturbing questions about the level of coordination between the IDF and the Israeli media. Did the IDF Spokesman's Office tip Haaretz off after I called them? And why does Haaretz accept the IDF's version of events on the Marmara at face value? Besides casting a shadow over Haaretz's coverage of the flotilla raid, this episode once again proves that nothing the IDF says can be trusted.

Illustratie op de website van het American Jewish Committee (AJC), de Amerikaanse joodse lobbygroep die Maxime Verhagen in april vereerde met een prijs als dank voor zijn werk voor Israƫl. Over de foto, lees hier. Desondanks wordt de foto nog steeds gebruikt. Het AJC houdt tevens vol dat de Israƫlische commando's werden vergast op "automatisch geweervuur" van de bemanning. Logischerwijs had Maxime Verhagen na de aanval op het hulpkonvooi zijn leugens binnen 24 uur op orde.

(Max Blumenthal)

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