22 June 2010

"Independent journalist" and "foreign policy analyst" Michael J. Totten

This is what I wrote on Michael Totten's weblog, and what he censored within half an hour:

Lots of smokescreen here.

"Preventing Hamas from importing missiles and other sophisticated weaponry from Syria and Iran is the blockade's primary function."

Wrong. According to the Israëli government the blockade is "economic warfare". A collective punishment, which of course is a serious crime according to international law. Not that it makes a difference of course, because Israël is a rogue state, and doesn't play it by the rules. And we, the West, think that is great, so the US gives it 7 million dollar A DAY for weapons, and every other collaborator by now thinks that the illegal settlements are legal.
See: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2010/06/09/95621/israeli-document-gaza-blockade.html

"Aid organizations can import all the cement and coriander they want for reconstruction and food distribution."

Wrong. Up until now, aid organizations also couldn't get cement. Are you a journalist?

"only "luxury" items and construction materials that can be used for military purposes are blocked."

As a journalist (though I am seriously am doubting that by now) can you explain to me how "luxury items" (for sure, jacuzzis and Bentleys and such) can be used for military purposes?

Ever thought about giving a Gazan a voice about the situation as well, or are you merely spreading Israeli propaganda? I guess so.... Call yourself an "independent journalist" and a "foreign policy analyst"? What a joke!

I guess this type of self-appointed "journalist" and "foreign policy analyst" will get even more applause in North Korea. No wonder he wrote about the Dubai liquidations: "More like this please".

For more information on this "Larry of Arabia" some insightful articles on the Tikkun Olam website.

[from left] Michael Totten, Richard Fernandez, Judith Weiss, Martin Solomon
(the texts on the photo need no further explanation)

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