4 January 2011

Global silence over 7000 Palestinian prisoners

(via Anthony Loewenstein)

Israel and Palestine: Free the Prisoners

Tikun Olam | 3 December 2011

Thanks to Michael Levin for creating this wonderful poster which illustrates the hypocrisy or at at least obliviousness of those campaigning for Gilad Shalit‘s release who neglect the fact that there are 7,000 Palestinian prisoners languishing in Israeli prisons as well. They all await their freedom. Please do your very best to circulate this image around the web and send it to your friends via e mail and social networking. I hope it can become as visible on the web as posters about Gilad Shalit circulated by his own Israeli supporters.

Among the newer additions to our The Await Their Freedom project is Abdullah Abu Rachmeh, a non-violent campaigner from Bilin, who organized the anti-Wall demonstrations there. An Israeli Kangaroo judge recently extended his jail sentence at the behest of the military prosecutor for no other reason than Israel finds the Bilin protests a nasty thorn in its side. This week a relative of Abdullah’s, Jawaher Abu Rachmeh, was murdered by IDF tear gas at a similar demonstration. Alas, she cannot even be part of our our campaign to free the prisoners because she never even made it to an Israeli prison. She was a victim of CS gas, one of the most lethal tear gas formulations that exists. It smothered her and caused her death, which the IDF is now shamefully trying to blame on an imagined case of asthma.

I regret to say that during the time we were creating this poster Prisoner X went from an incommunicado detainee held in Ayalon Prison to a murdered one.

It is time for Israel to free its prisoners and time for the Palestinians to release theirs. It’s also long past time to resolve this entire conflict with compromise on both sides that are just and fair.

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