25 November 2010

Martin Bosma (2)

"Ik ben vierkant pro-Israƫl ('extreem-rechtse kolonistenleiders' - zoals de krant hen noemt - zijn voor mij mensen bij wie ik graag over de vloer kom)." (NRC 24.11.10) (update: NRC heeft het verwijderd, hier nog wel te lezen)

» Short History of Israeli Right Wing Terrorism

» UN report: Israeli settler violence

» How To Kill Goyim And Influence People: Leading Israeli Rabbis Defend Manual for For Killing Non-Jews

» IDF West Bank commander: Rightist violence encouraged by settler leaders

» Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin

» Yaakov (Jack) Teitel - Terror against all

» Jewish religious terrorism

» Zeev Sternhell: Jewish terrorism threatens Israel

» The Public Face Of Settlers

» Report 2010: Settlers kill 3 Palestinian children and wound scores of others over a 2 year period

» The US cash behind extremist settlers

» Extremist West Bank settlers help stir Acre violence

» Hebron Rioters Inspired by Radical Settler Leaders

And when it’s all over,
my dear, dear reader,
on which benches will we have to sit,
those of us who shouted “Death to the Arabs!”
and those who claimed they “didn’t know”?

-- Nostalgia (2002), by Aharon Shabtai

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