16 July 2006

Recente ontwikkelingen M-O

1 februari, 2006 Israel halts tax payments to Palestinians
3 februari, 2006 Confirmed: Israelis kill 15-year-old inside Lebanon
5 februari, 2006 Israel tab for West Bank settlements $14B
14 februari, 2006 U.S., Israel Consider Plan to Starve Hamas
17 februari, 2006 Chertoff's Sweetheart Deal For Israeli-Owned Carnival Cruise Cruise Line
26 februari, 2006 Two killed, including a child, in Israeli re-invasion of Balata Refugee Camp
26 februari, 2006 Destruction of Voice of Palestine’s building. Reporters without Borders indignant at that new act of war against Palestinian media
26 februari, 2006 Israeli company stops petroleum supplies to Palestinian lands
2 maart, 2006 Israel gives military free rein
2 maart, 2006 Israeli Defense Minister: Israel will take 20% of remaining Palestinian land
3 maart, 2006 Syria flays Israel for 'nuclear dumping'
3 maart, 2006 Unrest after Israeli church attack
3 maart, 2006 Israel threatens to assassinate the future Palestinian Authority prime minister
11 maart, 2006 Israel deploys nuclear arms in submarines
11 maart, 2006 Documents reveal Labor-Likud plans for West Bank
13 maart, 2006 Israeli Soldiers Assault Family with Special Needs
13 maart, 2006 Israeli Government Threatens to Eliminate Haniya
14 maart, 2006 Israeli Police Assaults Venezuelan's Ambassador at Al-Aqsa Mosque
18 maart, 2006 Bread shortages loom in Gaza
18 maart, 2006 AP Erases Video of Israeli Soldier Shooting Palestinian Boy
20 maart, 2006 Britain condemns Israel over fatal shooting of a child
20 maart, 2006 Food runs low in Gaza after Israel closes key crossing
22 maart, 2006 "Israeli Human Rights: Starving the Palestinians"
27 maart, 2006 Israel's anti-Arab parties
3 april, 2006 Israeli Wall in the West Bank: Post-Occupation Strategy to Deny Sovereignty to the Palestinian State
3 april, 2006 UN aid workers: Gaza on verge of disaster
4 april, 2006 Israel Fires Missiles into Abbas' Compound
10 april, 2006 Israel to boycott inquest into death of British peace activist shot in Gaza
10 april, 2006 Israel to boycott diplomats who meet Hamas officials
11 april, 2006 Israeli military stands by its policy on shelling populated areas
11 april, 2006 Israel rejects Hamas long-term truce: official
14 april, 2006 U.S. blocks UN draft pressing Israel to end attacks
14 april, 2006 Report: Hamas will recognize Israel
15 april, 2006 Israel escalates threats to invade Gaza Strip
19 april, 2006 High Court okays completion of separation fence around Jerusalem
20 april, 2006 Israel Fires 400 Rockets on Gaza in 2 Days
21 april, 2006 Israel Preparing to Retake Gaza Strip
21 april, 2006 Israel completes half of West Bank barrier
23 april, 2006 Jerusalem police stop Armenian pilgrims from attending Easter ceremony
27 april, 2006 Israel nixes Abbas's peace summit bid
1 mei, 2006 Israeli forces ban Palestinian patients from treatment
1 mei, 2006 3-Year-Old Child's Skull Crushed at Israeli Checkpoint
2 mei, 2006 Israeli soldiers accused of raping 11-year-old
3 mei, 2006 Israel Marks Independence Day with $1.7 Billion Budget
3 mei, 2006 Irish MP slams EU "hypocrisy," calls for suspension of EU-Israel agreement
8 mei, 2006 U.N. Report: Jews are Terrorists, Not Palestinians
9 mei, 2006 Pain of Hamas boycott worse than feared for Gaza's people
9 mei, 2006 Report: Israel responsible for PA collapse
12 mei, 2006 Majority of Israelis Want Gov´t to Encourage Arabs to Leave
14 mei, 2006 Palestinians restricted from living with families in Israel
15 mei, 2006 Israeli Soldiers Shoot Two International Peace Activists In The Head at Bil'in
16 mei, 2006 'Racist' marriage law upheld by Israel
20 mei, 2006 Olmert denies humanitarian crisis in Gaza
21 mei, 2006 Israel expands settlements
22 mei, 2006 Israel frees (some) Palestinian funds
22 mei, 2006 Israel to boycott racism conference
22 mei, 2006 Israel's economy leaving Palestinians far behind
23 mei, 2006 U.S. group warns of humanitarian disaster in Gaza
23 mei, 2006 Amnesty International slams Israel
24 mei, 2006 Israel is now booming as a result of shutting down its competition, the Palestinian economy
24 mei, 2006 Olmert says Israel will draw own borders
28 mei, 2006 Israeli jets strike Palestinian bases in Lebanon
30 mei, 2006 Palestinians: IDF chopper attacked rescue workers
31 mei, 2006 IDF razes toilets of Palestinian cave dwellers in West Bank
1 juni, 2006 British war crimes lawyer denied entry
2 juni, 2006 Israeli troops kill 2 Egyptian officers
5 juni, 2006 Israel Jails Hundreds of Sudanese Refugees
10 juni, 2006 Palestinians killed on Gaza beach by Israeli gunboats
11 juni, 2006 Israel introduces new travel restrictions
12 juni, 2006 Israel steps up threats against Palestinian PM
12 juni, 2006 Israel plans new homes in West Bank settlement
12 juni, 2006 Book links Begin to 1952 plot to kill then-German Chancellor Adenauer
14 juni, 2006 Israeli spy network in Lebanon uncovered
15 juni, 2006 Lebanese man confesses to killings on behalf of Israel
18 juni, 2006 Huge rise in number of houses IDF is razing during arrest ops
19 juni, 2006 Hamas, Fatah edge toward compromise on Israel
24 juni, 2006 Israeli Troops Launch Incursion in Gaza
27 juni, 2006 Israel won't let Abbas out of Gaza Strip
28 juni, 2006 Israeli warplanes buzz palace of Syrian President Bashar Assad
28 juni, 2006 Ultra-Orthodox Jews attack Christian tourists in Jerusalem
28 juni, 2006 Israel bombs Islamic University in Gaza: witnesses
1 juli, 2006 U.S. to pay $48 million to cover damages to Gaza power station
2 juli, 2006 Israel's Infrastructure Warfare
3 juli, 2006 IOF storm Palestinian hospitals, wreak havoc in civil society institutions
3 juli, 2006 Israel drafting special laws for "non Jews"
8 juli, 2006 Israel rejects Palestinian call for truce
10 juli, 2006 Israel bars Palestinian Americans for first time since 1967
12 juli, 2006 Israelis use unprecedented type of projectiles on Palestinians
12 juli, 2006 Israel 'is using chemical ammunition'

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