27 January 2011

Zo kennen we de New York Times weer

Zo kennen we de New York Times weer. Het was even leuk meerijden op het succes van Wikileaks, maar de druk wordt blijkbaar te groot en the show must go on. Daarnaast haalde Wikileaks het in haar hoofd om kritiek te hebben op de berichtgeving in de krant over Bradley Manning. Tsk! We'll teach you who's in charge!

Noam Chomsky interviewed for Outlook magazine, November 1, 2010

"If you look at the New York Times, maybe the world's greatest newspaper, they have the concept of news hole. What that means is that in the afternoon when they plan for the following day's newspaper, the first thing they do is to layout where the advertising is going to be, because that's an important part of a newspaper. You then put the news in the gaps between advertisements. In television there is a concept called content and fill. The content is the advertising, the fill is car chase, the sexy or whatever you put in to try to keep the viewer watching in between the ads. That's a natural outcome when you have advertiser-reliance.

Of course, these things affect the tenor of the newspaper. Suppose a newspaper started publishing the truth -- that the invasion of Iraq was a criminal invasion that destroyed the country. That newspaper or the TV station is not going to get any ads."

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