10 May 2010

De Israëlische nederzettingenindustrie

Een database van Israëlische bedrijven (kijk hier voor Nederlandse bedrijven), opgesteld door de Coalition of Women for Peace, als gepubliceerd op whoprofits.org, die profiteren van en bijdragen aan de economie van de bezetting, en helpen de nederzettingen uit te breiden.
Deze activiteiten zijn volgens het internationale recht illegaal, in strijd met de Vierde Conventie van Genève en een schending van de Haagse Conventie.

Er zijn ongeveer 35 Nederlandse bedrijven die direct of indirect betrekkingen onderhouden met de Israelische bezetting, aldus het Profundo rapport dat werd opgesteld in opdracht van United Civilians for Peace. In 2010 werd een update van dit rapport uitgebracht.
» Download het onderzoeksrapport (pdf)
» Download de update (pdf)

Since the 1967 military occupation of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights, Israel has built in these occupied territories civilian colonies, or settlements, and encouraged Israeli citizens and industries to move into them. Presently there are 135 Israeli settlements in the occupied territories and dozens of additional “outposts” – settlements not yet officially recognized by the Israeli government. These house over 562,000 Jewish Israeli residents: 282,000 in the West Bank (excluding Jerusalem), 260,000 in neighborhoods built in Arab Jerusalem or annexed to Jerusalem, and 20,000 in the Golan Heights.

The Israeli civilian construction has been one of the methods in which occupied areas were effectively annexed, partially or in full, into Israel. The on-going construction includes housing developments as well as extensive infrastructure projects such as roads and water systems for the exclusive use of Israeli settlers, on lands confiscated from Palestinians or declared “state lands” in various ways. The Israeli colonizing efforts are illegal by international law that stipulates that an occupying power moving its citizens into an occupied area is in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, and any permanent changes made in the occupied land for such settlers is in violation of The Hague Regulations.

In this section of the database, we distinguish between three different forms of corporate involvement in the settlement industry: Israeli companies which are located in the settlements and thus use the resources of Palestinian land and labor in their production; Companies involved in sustaining the settlements and connecting them to Israel; Companies involved in real estate deals and the construction of Israeli infrastructure and settlements on occupied land.

Settlements' Products

Israeli industrial zones within the occupied territories hold hundreds of companies, ranging from small businesses serving the local Israeli settlers to large factories which export their products worldwide. Several settlements, especially in the Jordan Valley and the Golan Heights, produce agricultural goods, such as fruits and flowers, and sell them in Israel and abroad.

Settlement production benefits from low rents, special tax incentives, lax enforcement of environmental and labor protection laws and other governmental supports. Palestinians employed in these industrial zones work under severe restrictions of movement or organization, and with hardly no governmental protections, this many times results in exploitative employment practices and labor rights violations.

The origin of exported settlement products is often intentionally obscured. Companies hold marketing addresses within Israel, or market their products under a label which mixes their products with products from within Israel.

A.L. Five Stars
Abadi Bakery ("Mizrahiot" Cookies)
Ability Computer and Software Industries
Adir Plastic Packaging
Adumim Food Additives
Afic Printing Products
Agrexco Agricultural Export Company
Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories
Ahdut Factory for Tehina Halva and Sweets
Almog Tradex
Aluminum Construction C.L. Israel
Amir Marketing and Investment in Agriculture
Amnon and Tamar (Pyramid Herbal Seasonings)
Apax Partners
Arava Export Growers
Aridan Printing Productions
Aroma Nama
Arza Wine Cellars T.R.Z.
Assa Abloy
Atid Packaging
Atzei Shitim
Avgol Nonwoven Industries
Ayelet Barkan
B. Gaon Holdings
B.R.B. Industries, BarBur Laundry
Balfour Springs Industry
Bar Mazon Produce
Barkan Wineries
Beigel and Beigel
Beita Improving the Quality of Building
Ben Hasharon
Best Stones
Beton Atarot (formerly: Elad Imported Cement)
Better and Different
Blue Square Israel
Caesarea Carpets
California Shayish and Carpenters
Carmel Carpets
Carmel Holdings (E.L.) (Betili)
Carmel Wineries
Chano Textile
Chen Eastern Industries
Chic Design Ltd. G&o Harel
CIM Lustigman
Citybook Services
Clima Israel Aluminum
Contact International (Kalia Israel Ammunition Co.)
D.N.M Technical Equipment and Tools
Danshar Holdings
Doron Furniture Design
E.P.R. Systems
Eastern Lines
Eden Springs
Edom UK
Eitan and Inon Herbs
El Ez
Elyahu Zalman & Sons Metal Tubes Industries
Elyakim Ben Ari
Emek Ayalon Furniture
Emilia Development (O.F.G.)
Enercon Ariel
Enter Net Computers and Equipment
Ewyg Advanced Technology
Field Produce
Formula Systems
Fried Brothers Feather Industries
Fun Bak
General Mills (Pillsbury)
Geshuri Advanced Technologies
Geshuri and Sons Industries
Golan Heights Winery
Golden Ryd Dyl
Green Oil Energy
Greenkote (Summet Hitech Coatings)
Gush Etzion Wines
H. Wagshal (H. Vagshal)
Ha'alonim Marble 2000 (Haalonim)
Ha'argaz Technopach Metal Industries
Hacormim Vineyard
Hadiklaim - Israel Date Growers Cooperative
Hamashbir Holdings
Hanson Israel (formerly: Pioneer Concrete Israel)
Hofrey Hasharon
Housing and Construction Holding Co.
I.R.P.C. Rubber Products Co.
Idan Camping
IDB Group
Ikoo Designs
Impertech Industries
Intellitech Engineering Mechanical and Aviation
Ishai Zion and Sons
Israel Weg Engineering
Israphot Industries
Italek, Aldo Ice Creams, Tartufo Ice Creams
Jordan Plains Development Corporation
Jordan River Herbs
K. Schleisner Works
Katzenstein Adler
Kerur Habikha
Keshet Prima
Keter Plastic (Keter Group)
Kfar Giladi Quarries
Koralek Almog Sifting Machines and Production Systems
Krashin Shalev Metal Industries
Land of Choice Olive Oil (Meshek Achiya)
Lipski Plastic Industries
Lithotech Medical
Malam Team
Mapal Plastic Products
Matrix IT
Maya Foods, The Jerusalem Spice of Life
Mayer's Cars and Trucks
Medan General Contracting Earth Roads and Quarries
Mega Print
Meitarim Quarry
Menachem Wagshal
Meshek Zuriel Dairy
Meytag High Tech Ventures
Mofet B'Yehuda
Mordechai Aviv Construction Industries
Mordechai Binyamin and Sons Earth Works
Mortan Marketing and Trade
Motola Preserves
Mul-T-Lock (formerly Rav Bariach)
Neetuv Management and Development Co.
New Noga Light
Nitzanei Shalom Paper Industries
Ofertex Industries
Oppenheimer Manufacturing and Marketing
Paz El Sinun
Plasto Polish (Barkan)
Plustic Solutions
Ram Quality Products B.R. (Tip Top Toys Star)
Ramat Hagolan Dairies
Ratek Industries
Readymix Industries
Rolbit Electronic Thermostats and Controllers
Romix Mixing Equipment
RonoPolidan Packaging
Rosentoys, Buba-Li Industries
Royalife (formerly: Royalnight)
SA.D.R. Construction Works Co.
Salit (Mishor Edomim) Quarry and Plant
Shai Key Metal Trade
Shaked Carpets (Vinter Carpets)
Shalgal (Food)
Shamir Salads
Shamrock Holding
Shapir Civil and Marine Engineering
Shomron Barkalit Tires
Si Kirsum
Soda Club
Solel Boneh Building and Infrastructure
Spiral Glass
Spray Metal Coatings
Spyro Plastics
Star Night Technologies
Supergum Industries
Susya Dairy
T.A.C. Accessory Corporation Israel
Tal El Collection and Recycling
Tara (Milco Industries)
Tayar Doors
Tekoa Mushroom Farm
Teltone Electronics
Tempo Beer Industries
Tescom Software Systems Testing
The Archivists
The Central Bottling Company (Coca Cola Israel)
The Metrontario Group
The Solor Group
The Trendlines Group
Tishbi Estate Winery (Habaron Wine Cellars)
Top Greenhouses
TopTrans Translation Services
Tzarfati Metals Industries
Tzifha International
Unikowsky Maoz
Villar International
Von Roll Transformers (formerly: Enerco Industries)
Yahav Oranit
Yamit E.L.I. Filtration and Water Treatment
Yardeni Locks Holdings
Yatir Quarry
Yerushalmi Rope Industries
Zakai Agricultural Know-how and Inputs
Zeev`s Technics
Zriha Hlavin Industries

Israeli Construction on Occupied Land

In the occupied territories, including East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, Israeli housing and infrastructure projects effectively serve two goals: annexing more land and resources to Israel, and cutting off the local residents from the same.

In the West Bank, the jurisdiction area of the settlements takes up approximately 40% of the area while the built-up area covers only 3%. The construction of an Israeli road system, the use of which is forbidden for Palestinian residents, supports the creation of a separate Jewish-Israeli space on top of the fragmented Palestinian space. The roads and the settlements thus become part of the separation system, which also includes fences, walls, gates and checkpoints.

The Israeli construction industry in the West Bank and the Golan Heights includes real estate dealers and realtors, contractors, planners, and suppliers of materials, security and maintenance services to the construction sites.

A.M.S. Barzani Brothers
Ackerstein Industries
Africa Israel
Ahim Hasid
Ahim Uzan
Allied Holdings
Almog C.D.A.I
Ashdar Building Company
Ashtrom Group
Aspen Real Estate
Avi Cranes
Avisror Moshe & Sons
B. Yair Building Corporation
Bank Leumi
Barad Company for Landworks, Development and Roads
Baran Group
Ben Hasharon
Bezeq - The Israeli Telecommunication Corporation
Binyanei Bar Amana Construction and Development
Biri Barashi Land Works, Development, Infrastructure and Roads
Bobcat Company
British Israel Investments
Cape Gate
Cellcom Israel
Cement Roadstone Holdings (CRH)
CIM Lustigman
Clal Group
D. Rotshtein
Danya Cebus
Digal Investments and Holdings
Dona Engineering and Construction
E.D.I.G Construction Management
Efgad Engineering and Construction Works
Egis Rail
Electra Construction
Eli Yohanan Engineers
Eyal Itzkin Architects
Hagihon Company
Hofrey Hasharon
Housing and Construction Holding Co.
IDB Group
Industrial Buildings Corporation (IBC) - Mivney Taasiya
Isra Marine Manufacture of Structures
Israel Discount Bank
Jerusalem Economic
Kal Binyan
Leader Management and Development (formerly: Leader Company)
Meshulam Levinstein Group Contracting and Engineering
Metal Factory Hamachresha
Minrav Group
MIRS Communications
Mishab Building and Development
Mizrahi Tefahot Bank
Mordechai Aviv Construction Industries
Mordechai Binyamin and Sons Earth Works
N.R.S Consulting and Engineering
Neot Hapisga Modi'in Illit
Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises
New Way Traffic
Om Brothers Construction Works Investment and Development Company
Partner Communications (Orange)
Peled - Klein Civil Engineering
Pelephone Communications
Peretz Louzon Construction & Development
Peretz Sela Civil Engineering
Readymix Industries
SA.D.R. Construction Works Co.
Salit (Mishor Edomim) Quarry and Plant
Sasi Building Earth and Road Contractors
Shapir Civil and Marine Engineering
Solel Boneh Building and Infrastructure
Stern Group
The Metrontario Group
Tzifha International
Veolia Environnement
Volvo Group
Y.H.Dimri Construction and Development
Yael Hill
Yehuda Welded Mesh
Z.M.H. Hammerman
Zoko Enterprises (Zoko Shiluvim)

Services to the Settlements

This section of the database includes companies that provide services to the settlements, with an emphasis on discriminatory services that are provided solely to the Jewish settlements and not to their surrounding Palestinian neighbors, services that help connect the settlements to Israel and normalize their status, and security services dedicated to keeping Palestinians out of the settlements.

A.M.S. Barzani Brothers
Ace Hardware
Afikim - Public Transportation
Almog Tradex
Alon Group
Amir Marketing and Investment in Agriculture
Anglo Saxon Israel
Aroma Espresso Bar
Artivision Technologies
Aspen Real Estate
Avi Cranes
B. Gaon Holdings
Bank Hapoalim
Bank Leumi
Bezeq - The Israeli Telecommunication Corporation
Blue Square Israel
BO Technologies
British Israel Investments
Cafe Cafe
Cellcom Israel
Chen Eastern Industries
Clal Group
Dan Public Transportation Co.
Delek Israel Fuel
Dexia Group
Dexia Israel (formerly: Local Municipality Treasure Bank)
Dor Alon
E.P.R. Systems
Eastern Lines
Egged Israel Transport Cooperative Society
Egis Rail
First International Bank of Israel
Forum Film (Israel Theaters Group)
G.M. Advanced Fencing and Security Technologies
Group4securicor (G4S)
Hadiklaim - Israel Date Growers Cooperative
Hagihon Company
IDB Group
Industrial Buildings Corporation (IBC) - Mivney Taasiya
Israel Discount Bank
ISS Israel Comprehensive Business Services
Jerusalem Economic
Jordan Plains Development Corporation
KalRam Yacobowitz
Kerur Habikha
Marom Technologies
Matimli ml
Mayer's Cars and Trucks
Merkavim Transportation Technologies
Meytag High Tech Ventures
Minrav Group
MIRS Communications
Mizrahi Tefahot Bank
Modi'in Ezrachi
Mofet B'Yehuda
Momentum S.O.S.
Motorola Israel
N.R.S Consulting and Engineering
NaanDan Jain Irrigation
Partner Communications (Orange)
Paz Oil
Peled - Klein Civil Engineering
Pelephone Communications
Peretz Sela Civil Engineering
Ral Electric Holdings (formarly: Adir Electric Boards)
Rami Levi - Hashikma Marketing
RE/MAX Israel (Impact Property Developers)
SAE Afikim (AfiMilk)
Shamrad Electronics
Super Pharm (Israel)
Teva Naot
The Solor Group
The Trendlines Group
Tzarfati Car Services
Veolia Environnement
Yahav Oranit

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