10 May 2012

Israël op de Floriade 2012 (2)

Het Israëlische binnen paviljoen ‘The Israeli Touch’

De high-tech binnen paviljoen laat Israel zien op innovatieve en interactieve wijze. Het laat zien hoe de’ Israeli Touch’ elke dag opnieuw de wereld helpt te verbeteren. De verschillende gedeelten binnen het paviljoen tonen de Israëlische initiatieven, innovatie, betrokkenheid en prestaties in de tuinbouw. Israëls nieuwe technologieën en producten hebben een duurzaam effect op de levenskwaliteit van miljoenen over de hele wereld.

(Israëlische ambassade, Den Haag)

Jewish settlers poison Palestinian grapevines
Palestinian Information Center 05/05/2012

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)-- A group of Jewish settlers from Karmi Tzur settlement attacked Palestinian grapevines in Beit Ummar village, north of Al-Khalil, on Saturday.

Locals said that the settlers sprayed toxic chemicals on the grape trees that destroyed their leaves and fruit.

The locals noted that the settlers repeat their attack on the same area each year.

Settlers of Karmi Tzur are notorious for regularly attacking and damaging Palestinian farmlands in Beit Ummar village and its environs.

Israëlische soldaten beschermen de kolonisten van de illegale nederzetting Karmei Tzur tegen Palestijnen uit Beit Ummar wiens land zij gestolen hebben. (17 maart 2012)

Israeli army steps up attacks on Palestinian water
AIC News 15 november 2011

On October 13, farmers received demolition orders on several water wells in Kufr al-Deek, a village in the town of Salfit near Nablus. On the 8th of September, 50 military jeeps, trucks and bulldozers sealed off Al Nasarayah as a closed military zone, and proceeded to illegally destroy 3 water wells and confiscate the attached water systems, the pumps of which cost $40,000 each to install. Five days later, the IOF returned to Al Nasarayah to demolish 2 more wells, stopping along the way to destroy another well east of Tamoun. The next day, IDF soldiers entered the village of Al- Fa’ara, near Nablus, to photograph and record the GPS coordinates of 6 more wells intended for demolition.

These water wells had permits from the Palestinian Authority, and were operating in the 5% of the Jordan Valley designated after the 1993 Oslo Accords Area A, under full Palestinian civil and military control.

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