29 January 2012

Israelische soldaten rijden met tractor over man heen om Palestijnen te stoppen een huis te bouwen op hun eigen (bezette) land

Terwijl Amerikaanse presidentskandidaten om het hardst roepen dat Palestijnen niet bestaan, voor de dollars van de Amerikaanse zionisten en filosemieten, gaat ter plekke de Israƫlische terreur tegen de Palestijnse bevolking ongehinderd door.

Injured Palestinian construction worker screams in pain

Mondoweiss/Uruknet | By Philip Weiss | 28.01.2012 | NEDERLANDS

Today is the Sabbath, and I pray with all my heart that all American Zionists see the pictures below and tell me how an ideology of Jewish separatism that has deprived several million Palestinians of any rights can be justified in today's world.

Two days ago a brave and noble Palestinian man, pictured below-- we don't know his name-- was building a house in the occupied West Bank when Israeli soldiers told the Palestinians they could not build on their land. The village is al-Dirat near Hebron-- Area C, under Israeli control.

The man refused to move. The Israeli army drove a tractor over his legs. The tractor belonged to the Palestinians. The Israeli army had seized it. The man was hospitalized. More information is here. The photos are by Hazam Bader of AFP.

Injured construction worker in occupied West Bank

Al-Dirat Village - Jan 25, 2012 Photo by WAFA

Um El-Kheir Home demolition - Jan 25, 2012

IOF On Thursday 24 November 2011 Demolished Four Houses For Palestinians Bedouins Lives Between Bir-Nabala And Biet Hanena Al-Tahta Towns near Ramallah in the Occupied West Bank

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