20 May 2011

M-O toespraak Obama: reacties op Twitter

Enkele reacties tijdens de toespraak van president Barack Obama gisteren op Twitter (#MEspeech):

  • The middle east has never been LESS interested in what an American president had to say than they are today.
  • Only a matter of time before Bibi and co claim #nakba protesters are high on Iranian LSD
  • Here we go. recycled rhetoric which has proven not to work
  • I like @YousefMunayyer fortune cookie idea: add "except Palestine" to end of each sentence
  • hamas = terror. israel = friendship, shared values. our commitment to israel's security is unshakeable.
  • How hard it will be, Obama? to live in a non-militarised, non-sovereign bantustan next to the genocidal apartheid Occupier?
  • The choice between hate and hope is not one that faces you, sellout Obama
  • Last Sunday in Ramallah, I saw young Palestinian embrace unarmed resistance.I saw Israel attack them with US made tear gas/bullets
  • BREAKING: Obama joins Project for the New American Century.
  • Obama: "All men are created equal" and "recognize Israel as a Jewish state." Huh? WTF?
  • How does 'hope over hatred' lead to drone wars, occupations, bombing tripoli, and arming dictators?
  • At least we can count on the Palestinian people for change in the face of harsh US funded military repression
  • Wall Street Journal explained this morning why Obama sold out to AIPAC in his appalling speech, http://on.wsj.com/mboju7
  • The media's treatment of 67 statement as something new shows they have memories of a fish and thus unable to hold Admin accountable
  • How are the '67 borders indefensible? Israel defended them pretty successfully in 1967.
  • Where were all the conservatives telling Bush he 'threw #Israel under the bus' in 2002 when he stated the same thing? #Fullof$hit
  • Obama tells me, as a Jew, that my "homeland" is in Israel - that's like telling him his is in Kenya!

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