18 April 2011

Video: racisme en fascisme in Israël

"De Joodse staat" gaat aan zichzelf ten onder.

Het racistische protest in Tel Aviv is gericht tegen de Afrikaanse "infiltranten". Maar wie waren drie generaties geleden de "infiltranten"?

The writing on the wall

"The infiltrators conquered Eilat and Arad, and they are conquering Tel Aviv from north to south"

"A stream of refugees threaten to wash away our achievements and harm our existence as a Jewish and democratic state"

Benjamin Netanyahu, 11 januari 2011

African ‘infiltrators’ should live in camp, MK says

The problem of African migrants in Israel is so dire that it requires the immediate building of a labor camp for asylum-seekers in the South, MK Ya’acov Katz (National Union) said on Tuesday.

“Over the course of 100 years the people of Israel have built a Jewish state here. Over the next 10 years, the African infiltrators could change this forever”

The “infiltrators” constitute an enemy “surprising us from the rear” and are part of a plot by “the leaders of Sudan and Eritrea, in cooperation with Egypt, to take over the State of Israel,” he said.

Jerusalem Post, 24 maart 2010

Interior minister criticizes human rights activists; National Union MK: infiltrators are "malignant cancer that spreads to the entire country."

Jerusalem Post, 22 november 2010

From this point, the projection of the Jew as an enemy of the German people is a quick and easy step. He is conveyed as an infiltrator, who, upon gaining entry into German society, has usurped the political and economic power of Germany and focused his attention upon the destruction of the German people. Because the Jew is deemed such a threat to German society, the Nuremberg Laws are viewed as a justifiable means of self-defense.

The Nizkor Project: Propaganda and Children during the Hitler Years, Mary Millis

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  1. En weer bedankt voor een oh zo verhelderend beeld van de ondergang van een gangsterstaat!