28 April 2011

Move Over AIPAC

We are concerned that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has a dangerous stranglehold over U.S. foreign policy towards the Middle East. AIPAC’s unrelenting support for the illegal policies of the Israeli government—separation walls, settlements, the siege of Gaza—in addition to its bellicose policies across the region, especially Iran, has been devastating for Palestinians and the Middle East, including Israel. It also harms our reputation around the world and squanders $3 billion a year subsidizing the powerful Israeli military when we need that money to rebuild the United States. Visit www.moveoveraipac.org

Individual endorsers include:
  • James Abourezk, former US Senator
  • Ali Abunimah, author and a co-founder of The Electronic Intifada
  • Patch Adams, clown doctor
  • Laila El Haddad, blogger/writer
  • Hedy Epstein, Holocaust survivor
  • John Mearsheimer, professor of political science, University of Chicago
  • Ralph Nader, consumer advocate
  • Stephen Walt, professor of international affairs, Harvard University

Over 100 organizations have endorsed Move Over AIPAC

See full list of endorsers

Partial list of endorsers:

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