8 March 2011

Ronny Naftaniël en zijn stenen (4)

Die arme Israëlische soldaten weer! Altijd die stenen! Is toch zielig!

Ronny NaftaniëlRonnyNaftaniel Ronny Naftaniel
9 Palestijnen en 1 kolonist gewond in strijd bij Nablus. Kolonisten zouden planten uit de grond hebben gerukt. Isr. leger doelwit stenen
7:40 PM Mar 7th

En dan nu de werkelijkheid:

West Bank clashes: Settlers stoned injured Palestinians
According to the security establishment, seven Palestinians and three settlers were injured during the clashes. Two of the injured Palestinians were shot by IDF troops, three more were shot by settlers, another was burnt when he picked up a gas canister, and the seventh Palestinian was hit by a rubber bullet, security officials said. The settlers were hurt by stones.

Settlers fire on Palestinians in the West Bank
Settler lightly hurt when struck by rock; Palestinian medics say nine people brought to hospital for treatment, seven of them with gun shot wounds.

Violent clashes erupt between Israelis, Palestinians near Nablus

The stone which crushed a palestinians leg

13 injured when Israeli settlers and army attack the village of Qusra
Several of the victims were seriously injured. Ibrahim Hassan, 15 years old, was shot by a live bullet which entered his back and went through his kidney before it exited. His condition is reported to be stable, but he might loose his kidney. Qaher Oude, 25 years old, was first shot in his left leg and then beaten. The settlers beat him on his upper body with stones and sticks and then used a big stone to completely crush his right leg. He will have his surgery tomorrow.

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