10 February 2011

EU complicity in Israeli human rights abuses

Ben Hayes
February 2011

Evidence given at the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, and the EU's provision of research grants to Israeli security companies complicit in violations of human rights law.

In November 2010, Ben Hayes of Statewatch and Transnational Institute provided written and oral testimony to the London session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine.

The Tribunal heard how the EU is providing research grants to Israeli
military and security companies that may be complicit in Israel’s
violations of international humanitarian law and international human
rights law.

See the following pages for more information:
Written evidence submitted to the London session (see page 101)
Video proceedings of the London session
Findings of the London session

> View submission on ExposureRoom

Ben Hayes is a TNI researcher who has worked for the civil liberties organisation Statewatch since 1996, specialising in EU Justice and Home Affairs law, police cooperation, border controls, surveillance technologies and counter-terrorism policies.
Ben also works with the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR, Berlin), and has been retained as a consultant to a number of international human rights, social justice and development organisations. He has a PhD from Magee College (Derry/Londonderry) awarded by the University of Ulster in 2008.


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