10 January 2011

Israël traangast heel dorp

Op onderstaande video kunt u op het eind (v.a. 7:00 min.) zien hoe Israëlische soldaten een heel dorp, Nabi Saleh, met traangas onder handen neemt. Je zou denken dat ze na de dood van Jawaher Abu Rahmah wat 'voorzichtiger' te werk zouden gaan, maar dit lijkt er meer op dat het Israëlische leger er juist door geënthousiasmeerd werd. Het wapen dat bij deze vergassingstechniek wordt gebruikt heet Ringo, die 60 traangasgranaten afvuurt in 7 seconden.

Lees ook in Haaretz:
2004 IDF study: High concentrations of tear gas could be lethal

The following is the report of the demonstration from the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee.

Dozens of villagers, joined by Israeli and international supporters took part in the weekly demonstration in the village despite the siege laid on the village by the army, and the unusually large number of soldiers who occupied the village’s streets. Many hiked through the mountains the entire area was declared a closed military zone as early as 9 am and a gate that was installed at the entrance to the village earlier this week was shut closed.

Unlike most weeks, this Friday’s midday prayer, which precedes the demonstration, did not take place in the village’s mosque, but rather on the hill opposing the settlement. As people gathered to pray, soldiers and Border Police officers rushed towards them, ordering them to enter their homes for the duration of the closed military zone order. In response, the protesters staged a sit-in and refused to leave the place.

At the same time, clashes broke inside the village between the armed soldiers who took over the village, and local youth. Throughout the day, soldiers shot rubber-coated bullets at the protesting villagers and their supporters, as well as massive quantities of tear-gas. Tear-gas projectiles were often shot directly at the protesters, causing one injury. At some point, a pregnant women was evacuated to the hospital, after soldiers fired a tear-gas projectile directly into her house. Naji Tamimi, a member of the village’s popular committee, was beaten by a group of Border Police officers as he tried to approach the house in order to evacuate her.

During the day, soldiers randomly took over houses and arrested a seventeen year-old from the street. They have also tried to detained a thirteen year-old boy, but after other demonstrators gathered around him to prevent his arrest, the soldiers decided to not peruse his detention. At nightfall, on the army’s retreat out of the village, a final barrage of tear-gas was volleyed, as 64 projectiles were simultaneously fired into the village.


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