25 November 2010

Breaking News: Bomaanslag in Israel

Niet gericht tegen Israƫli's, maar uitgevoerd door Israeli's tegen Palestijnen. En het leven van Palestijnen is volgens de dames en heren journalisten van onze zelfbenoemde kwaliteitspers zo onbelangrijk, dat het niet eens nieuws is. Was het omgekeerde het geval, dan las je dagenlang vette koppen in de krant.

Bomb Thrown At Hadarim Prison

After unknown persons hurled a bomb at the Hadarim Israeli prison, Palestinian Minister of Detainees, Issa Qaraqe’, held, on Wednesday, the Israeli government responsible for what he described as an attempt to kill Palestinian leaders and political detainees.

Qaraqe’ stated that this incident is an attempted collective murder of Palestinian detainees sentenced to high terms by Israel, and accused the Israeli government of failing to protect the detainees.

There are nearly 800 Palestinian political detainees imprisoned at the Israel's Hadarim prison.

The Palestinian Minister demanded that the United Nations form an investigation committee into the attack adding that Palestinian political figure Marwan Barghouthi, and several other political leaders are imprisoned in Hadarim.

The Israeli police declared, on Tuesday, at night that the bomb was hurled by a person driving his motorcycle near the compound; no injuries were reported in the attack.

The police added that several policemen chased a number of suspects but did not announce any arrests.


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