21 May 2012

MEPs vote to spend €2 million on homeopathy for animals

Crisis? What crisis?

The funds are intended to set up a pilot project to coordinate research by collecting data on what research projects have been set up by EU universities.

New Europe | By Andy Carlin | 04.09.2011 | NEDERLANDS

Leading scientist, Dr Ben Goldacre, author of Bad Science criticized the move, “I'm a big fan of doing more research, but it's a basic rule of evidence based medicine that we need to be clear about where the uncertainties are, and what kind of research therefore needs to be done.”

He added, “ Homeopathy is one of the most well studied alternative therapies in humans, and when the best quality trials - the most fair tests - are all pooled together, they show there is no benefit. There is therefore no good argument for spending large amounts of public money on examining what are, after all, dummy sugar pills, which contain no ingredients at all, just the "memory" of an ingredient which homeopaths theorise - using 18th century arguments from before we even knew about atoms and molecules - is remembered by the water, and also remembered by the sugar in the pill.”

New Europe provided Dr Goldacre, who also writes for the British Medical Journal, with the amendment and he was amazed by the funding: "Lastly, it's worth noting that €2 million is an astonishing amount of money for a pilot project of something as simple to study as the effects of a pill in livestock.


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