28 February 2012

Netanyahu's zwendel ontmaskerd, en die van Richard Donk

De Palestijnen willen geen vrede, en lopen dus altijd weg bij de genereuze offers van het vredelievende Israël. Dat is wat onze pro-Israël pers al decennialang in ons geheugen prent. Nu zelfs een Israëlische krant deze leugen ontmaskert, zou daar nu verandering in komen?
Haaretz over Netanyahu's "scheme to bury the two-state solution for good while blaming the Palestinians."

On January 15 Netanyahu told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, "We submitted a document of 21 points on which there is wall-to-wall agreement," adding, "Everyone here in this room would have agreed with it."

Rather than present the government's positions on the issues of borders and security, as stipulated by the Quartet, the Palestinians were given 21 discussion topics that included borders, settlements, security, Jerusalem, water, archaeological sites and the like. There was no hint as to Israel's positions on these issues, and no map of any kind.

Netanyahu remains steadfast in his refusal to conduct negotiations on the basis of the 1967 borders with a mutual swap of territory, as stated in the Quartet's outline and in the declarations of U.S. President Barack Obama.

The only item about which Netanyahu presented his position was "recognition of Israel as the Jewish state." The prime minister knows perfectly well that Palestinian agreement to negotiate over a document that includes this phrase would be tantamount to accepting an agenda that rejects the right of return of the Palestinian refugees.

During that same Knesset debate in which he discussed the document, Netanyahu claimed that he was ready to return to negotiations at any time, with no preconditions, adding, "For three years the Palestinians have refused to negotiate."

But the 21-point document is merely the newest edition of "[Ehud] Barak gave them everything, and they responded with violence," and "[Ariel] Sharon gave them Gaza, and they repaid us with Qassams, and "[Ehud] Olmert offered them Jerusalem, and Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas] fled."

Mr. R.A.C. (Richard) Donk, buitenlandredacteur van het Reformatorisch Dagblad, 2011

Richard Donk, de Oud Gereformeerde buitenlandredacteur van het Reformatorisch Dagblad, besteedde er een heuse "analyse" aan. Een analyse gebaseerd op... wat eigenlijk?

Israël presenteerde deze week een 21 punten tellend document tijdens de gesprekken in Amman. De Palestijnen weigerden dat echter te accepteren, onder het mom dat zij zich geïntimideerd voelden door de onaangekondigde verschijning van een hoge Israëlische officier die het plan moest toelichten.

Dat de Palestijnen "zich geïntimideerd voelden door de onaangekondigde verschijning van een hoge Israëlische officier" zoog hij ook volledig uit zijn duim. Dat is eigenlijk best logisch. Want anders had hij moeten vertellen waarom de Palestijnen "weigerden". En dat kon hij niet.

In het meest gunstige geval kun je je schouders ophalen en denken: ach, het is maar een refokrantje, waarover iedereen weet dat het onzin verkondigt wanneer het over Israël gaat. Maar bij de afgelopen Tweede Kamer-verkiezingen stond Donk op nr. 20 van de SGP-lijst, en op nr. 9 van de lijst voor het Europees Parlement. Zou u deze voor een schurkenstaat propaganda voerende leugenaar in ons of in het Europese parlement willen hebben? Als volksvertegenwoordiger?

Mahmoed Abbas over het 'aanbod' van Israël, wat we in Nederland niet te lezen kregen:

"I met [Netanyahu] three times in September 2010, first in Washington, on an invitation from President Obama, and a second time in Sharm el-Sheikh. The third time we met was on 25 September 2010 at his house in Jerusalem, where we talked for four hours and discussed all the issues, yet the talks ended with no positive results – no discontinuation of the development of the Occupied Territories, no changes to security policies “the Israeli way” – they intend to occupy the West Bank and the Heights for another 40 years. This is colonial policy and colonialist logic. This is not the logic of a person interested in constructive talks and peaceful coexistence with his neighbors. I do not refuse to meet, but I need to have a good reason.

Now I get this 21-point proposal, and what are these 21 points? Are they just some headlines, or indeed a list of 21 issues that need to be addressed by our peoples? As of today, we only need to discuss and solve two issues: borders and security. Why would we want to add more issues to our agenda? Did he think it was some sort of a secret? But it is not news and it’s not of any practical use either. It is not appropriate for a prime minister to submit this way a document that simply enumerates some issues such as borders, security, the Jewish state, etc., with no clear indication of what is actually expected of the other party."

(citaat uit interview met Abbas, 23 januari 2012, rt.com)


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