7 January 2011

Slapende 65-jarige Palestijnse burger in bed doorzeefd door IDF Hebron

Hebron civilian killed in error by Israeli troops (AFP)
AFP - Israeli troops in Hebron shot dead an elderly Palestinian civilian on Friday in a case of mistaken identity as they searched for a Hamas prisoner released a day earlier.

13 IOF bullets penetrated the head and heart of an elderly Palestinian man
Haj Omar al-Qawsmi, 65 years, was asleep in his bed at 4:15 Friday morning when IOF troops quietly sneaked into his flat and riddled his head and upper body with 13 bullets.

Palestinian killed in Israeli raid
Family says soldiers mistakenly shot dead sleeping man during hunt for a Hamas fighter released from Palestinian jail.

Hebron man's wife: Punish troops who shot him
IDF probing death of 65-year-old Amr Qawasme, claiming soldiers opened fire due to suspicious movement. His wife rejects explanation, tells Ynet: 'They are lying, he was asleep when they killed him.' Division commander: Such tragic events happen.

IDF soldier invades the bed chamber of Gaza family and appropriates woman's personal make-up brush, preening for camera (Richard Silverstein)

Palestinian killed during IDF detention
Amr Qawasme, 65, shot to death for unknown reason as soldiers raid house in Hebron area. 'They put their hand to my mouth and a rifle to my head,' man's wife says. 'I asked them, 'What did you do?' They asked me to shut up.' Central Command chief orders investigation into incident.

IDF says it regrets killing civilian in Hebron raid, but defends operation
IDF raided Hebron to re-arrest Hamas members, including senior member who assisted man who planned 2008 suicide bombing in Dimona.

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