17 August 2010

2010, the year Benny Morris went insane

"It's not fantasy, it's true, as Israel did not attack that hospital, as Israel didn't attack any hospital in Gaza, as you know." Benny Morris, May, 2010

A battle between Norman Finkelstein and Benny Morris on Russian television, I wish we could see it here. “Dr. Morris, you’re wearing many different hats,” Finkelstein says and Morris comes off as a propagandist more than a scholar, damaging himself at the end by stating that Israel did not attack “any hospital” in Gaza. And as for the chicken farm that Israel destroyed with tanks, we don’t know if there were “Hamas gunmen” inside the chicken coop, Morris says in a mocking tone. As if it’s funny. The Goldstone Report demonstrates that Israel attacked two hospitals, al-Quds and al-Wafa Hospitals. And as for the Sawafeary chicken farm, Israel wantonly destroyed 31,000 chickens and many coops when its army controlled the farm, and doing so served no military purpose.

Finkelstein takes the appropriate tone about the Gaza horrors, describing white phosphorus that burns at 1500 degrees. And he stands up for the right of return at minute 15:00 or so, says that all the world is for it except for the US, Australia, Israel and some banana republics.

Source: Mondoweiss

Proof of Benny Morris' insanity:

Hospital, Tel al Hawa, Gaza City

This undated handout photo provided March 25, 2009 courtesy of Human Rights Watch shows the scorched children’s playroom inside Al-Quds hospital in Gaza City. The fifth-floor playroom was destroyed during a white phosphorus attack on January 15, 2009

BBC photo: The UN says Israeli shells struck three hospitals on Thursday, including al-Quds

Photo BBC/AP

Wikipedia: Al-Quds hospital, Gaza City, following Israeli shelling. Photo by Eva Bartlett for ISM - www.ingaza.wordpress.com

An ambulance made into a roadblock by the Israeli army at the Al Quds Hospital, Gaza City. Amnesty International mission delegates saw the wrecks of several destroyed ambulances at the Al Quds Hospital in Gaza City. Doctors told how panicked patients had to be evacuated from the hospital under fire.
19 January 2009 © Amnesty International

Photo: CODEPINK delegation to Gaza May 2009

Alwafa Hospital, photo: CODEPINK delegation to Gaza May 2009

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