21 December 2009

Israël geeft orgaandiefstal toe (2)

Wat ging eraan vooraf? Hier volgen een aantal berichten van dit jaar die door Israël als "antisemitisme" en "blood libel" ontvangen zijn, met om te beginnen het artikel in Aftonbladet van fotograaf Donald Boström, waarin hij een aantal gevallen rapporteert en oproept tot een onderzoek. Het gevolg van deze terechte oproep was dat Boström vele doodsbedreigingen ontving, en Israël hem én de Zweedse regering zou gaan vervolgen en miljoenen euro's schadevergoeding ging eisen. In Israël demonstreerden joden met pannen rode verf en besmeurde matzes bij de Zweedse ambassade, en bij IKEA. Die zien we nu niet meer. De usual suspects in Nederland zwijgen opeens ook als het graf.

“Our sons plundered for their organs”
Aftonbladet (Engelse vertaling) 17 augustus 2009

“Why are they keeping the bodies for up to five days before they let us bury them? What happened to the bodies during that time? Why are they performing autopsy, against our will, when the cause of death is obvious? Why are the bodies returned at night? Why is it done with a military escort? Why is the area closed off during the funeral? Why is the electricity interrupted?” Nafe’s uncle was upset and he had a lot of questions.

The relatives of the dead Palestinians no longer harbored any doubts as to the reasons for the killings, but the spokesperson for the Israeli army claimed that the allegations of organ theft were lies. All the Palestinian victims go through autopsy on a routine basis, he said. Bilal Achmed Ghanem was one of 133 Palestinians killed in various ways that year. According to the Palestinian statistics the causes of death were: shot in the street, explosion, tear gas, deliberately run over, hanged in prison, shot in school, killed at home etcetera. The 133 people killed were between four months to 88 years old. Only half of them, 69 victims, went through postmortem examination. The routine autopsy of killed Palestinians – of which the army spokesperson was talking – has no bearing on the reality in the occupied territories. The questions remain. (lees verder) (origineel)

The Organ Theft Affair
Now Israelis Are Boycotting IKEA…
Dissident Voice, by Kristoffer Larsson 27 augustus 2009

Palestinian sources now claim they have solid evidence of organ theft.5 Whether their claims are accurate remains to be seen. However, these suspicions are far from new; they have been voiced for decades. When Boström wrote about Bilal and the suspicions as to what had happened to him in his book eight years ago, it was met with silence. Further, he doesn’t say there’s a direct link between the murdered Palestinians and the wicked New Jersey Rabbis (there probably isn’t one, given the time line). However, following the mass arrest, people were more open to the idea that Israelis might be stealing organs from Palestinians after all. Boström was hoping Bilal might get some justice even after all this time.

Ostensibly, Israel is using the article to get a message across: Sweden is an anti-Semitic country. They are set to pressure the Swedish government until it condemns the ‘blood libel accusation’. All of a sudden everyone is discussing good old anti-Semitism instead of Israel’s state terrorism and its apartheid policies towards the Palestinian people.

An online petition is now circulating in Israel, calling for a boycott of IKEA. 10,000 Israelis have signed it so far. Needless to say, IKEA has nothing to do with this. But what can possibly be more Swedish then IKEA? In the short term, Israel might be able to divert attention from the more serious issues. In the long term, Israel is only making enemies. There was a time when the entire Western World supported Israel. Those days are long gone. (lees verder)

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